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The nitty gritty: I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy Degree (MMFT) and a Bachelor Degree in Art Therapy and Psychology (BA). My license number is SC License #4558.


What this means: I work with both couples and individuals. Whether you come to counseling alone or not, as a LMFT, I'm always thinking about your family, friends, work, and other influential groups. These systems you’re a part of can impact your problem negatively or positively. For the groups that are having a negative effect on your life, we want to help you limit or change the way they’re influencing the problem. If they’re a positive support, we want to help you increase their impact!

I love working with: 

  • Women who want to improve self-esteem, work/life balance, or healthy friendships, body image, or any other number of things.

  • Couples who are preparing for marriage

  • Couples who are struggling with connection and communication

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