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#ThisIsThirty is just a way to say...

being an adult woman in our world is tough, really tough

There's so much pressure - social, self-imposed, family, work - and to top it off, there's never enough time or money to navigate it all successfully. 

Most modern women have thoughts or subtle feelings of:

  • "I'm not _____ enough." (skinny, pretty, sexy, healthy, funny, organized, outgoing)

  • "I'm supposed to be _____ by now." (dating, engaged, married, a mom, a doctor, a CEO, great at time management)

  • "I should _____." (be a better friend, work out more, go to church regularly, keep a cleaner house, have more dates with my husband, not be so stressed all the time, not yell at my kids, enjoy this stage of life, be happier)

  • "I don't know how to ______." (make close friends, find a date, manage technology in my family's life, leave work at work, keep the spark alive in my marriage, make time to exercise)


These things you tell yourself don't make you bad. They make you normal.

Elizabeth Edwards said, "She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." Despite the world (and our brains) feeling like a storm, we can learn to set our sails in a way that benefits us most. We can harness the power of the world around us and channel it for our good.

If you're ready to adjust your sails, email me today at

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