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What if we never have a baby?

Infertility impacts couples in some of the deepest and most complex ways. The stress of getting pregnant often creates a thick fog around a relationship that infiltrates every aspect of your life.


Every period is a new time to mourn - over and over again you experience the grief of another month, not pregnant. Sex loses the fun, passion, and connection it once created in your relationship, and instead it's stressful, another job. If you've begun fertility treatment, hormones make the emotional rollercoaster even more intense. It's hard to hang out with friends because they're all having babies and you don't want to be, but you're jealous. You don't want pity, so you don't tell people your struggle, but then you suffer alone. When people don't know you're struggling, they ask the natural, but painful questions about when you're going to start having babies. At every turn, you're faced with the painful reminder that you're not pregnant yet.


You've been told the stress of trying to get pregnant, in and of itself, can prevent you from getting pregnant - but how can you possibly stop such a vicious, painful cycle? Counseling can help. It can be a time to vent everything that's bottled up, reconnect with your spouse, find new perspective on this phase of life, sort through possible options with a person who is a neutral sounding board, and deal with the intense grief that comes along with infertility.

If you are facing fertility issues, please call me today at 843.284.6306.

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