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Is Therapy Right for Me?

Many people wait until the very last minute to seek help. I encourage you to think about a broken bone. Would you allow "time to heal" it? Over time, it would heal, but in a way that would continue to be uncomfortable and probably cause problems long term. I suspect instead, you'd seek treatment right away. Counseling helps properly heal emotional wounds - the sooner, the better!


If you are facing any of the issues below, please email me today at

Problems All Humans Face

All people experience painful situations in life. Talking about these experiences and having a neutral person to guide you through the process is helpful for many people. These types of problems are as varied as people themselves. Some categories that many of these problems might fall into:

  • a major life change (moving, new job, divorce, kids leaving home)

  • grief (death of a loved one, death of a hated one, a dream that won't be fulfilled)

  • identity issues (body image, feeling "stuck", questioning long held beliefs, general discomfort with yourself)

  • relationships (family, friends, colleagues, or romance! - someone is "smothering you", you never talk anymore, you've been driving each other crazy, you fight all the time)

  • a big decision

  • forgiveness

  • stress (overworked, balancing technology, not enough time to do it all)

  • balancing many responsibilities (work, significant other, parenting, managing a household, self-care)

  • trauma

Mental Illness

Many people, at some point, suffer from a diagnoseable disorder. Sometimes our brains just function in an atypical way, and it causes us to experience emotional pain more intensly or for a longer time than average. Counseling is often helpful for alleviating the symptoms or even curing these illnesses:

  • depression 

  • anxiety

    • obsessive compulsive disorder

    • panic disorder

  • bipolar disorder 

  • and others

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