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therapy in Charleston or virtually for anyone in South Carolina.

Let me see if I can guess…


You don’t want to get divorced, but *this life* won’t do either.


You love your partner. You really do. BUT...

…You crave more inside jokes 😂 and fewer misunderstandings 😡.

...You miss warm hugs instead of the cold shoulder.

...You’re ready to tally📝 each others’ celebrations, not criticisms.

...Hell, you’d settle for remembering why you liked each other at the start 👩‍❤️‍👨. 


Recently, I laughed at an Instagram reel that said, “why were they teaching me square-dancing and how to play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on the recorder when they should’ve been teaching me how to do my taxes?” and honestly #same...

…but also…couldn’t they have added *one little class* about healthy relationships? SERIOUSLY, NO ONE TAUGHT US! They left out that entire section of the life manual 😑.


So listen, it’s no wonder (hear me say: it’s not your fault!) that you feel trapped in the never-ending-cycle of:


✅too early alarm (coffee #1) 

✅morning rush (coffee #2) 

✅massive energy spend on productivity 💻 (afternoon coffee, anyone?) 

✅one last push to get the kids fed and to bed 

✅crash on the couch for "your show" (be honest - who’s the one snoring before the end of the episode?) 


AND at the same time you know in your bones that half-watched episodes of Yellowstone will never be the glue that your marriage needs.


I’m gonna shoot you straight - that nagging feeling...the one that says there’s

GOT 👏 TO 👏 BE 👏 MORE 👏

will not just *magically* go away.

(and you’re also not going to get what you want by continuing to do what you’re doing.)


BUT I won’t leave you hangin’ because I’ve got good news 🎉


…Are you ready for it? (*in my head, Taylor Swift sings you that line*)


When you’re willing to step out of the daily grind and invest in even small pockets of intentional work together, there are some SIMPLE strategies that can totally ✨ change the game ✨


And you wanna know the best part?...


You can reclaim the spark AND access the richer, layered, nuanced connection that comes from a lifetime of experiences together.


This work is one email away. ✉️  


I’ll be waiting to help you get there.

P.S. - If you wanna skip the email and go straight for the free consultation, you can schedule it directly, here:

*Please be advised that I take every precaution to protect your security and confidentiality. However, e-mail communication always carries a small risk. By e-mailing me, you're agreeing to this form of communication.

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